2015 Pageants

August 22, 2015 is our next Pageant.  December 6, 2015 Christmas Pageant.

We are excited to offer our Natural Pageant on August 22, 2015.  This pageant is designed for new ones to Pageants.  You need two outfits, one pretty dress or slacks for the gents.  plus a fun outfit like tinker belle, cheerleader or surfer.  Have fun with it.  Every contestant is crowned no matter what.  Every age group will have a title, queen and princess. All Contestants win a category.  We are set up to make every contestant feel like a winner.  To register you can call 702-688-0268 and put your deposit down to save your crown. In the morning is Natural and our Glitz Pageant will be in the afternoon.  (we must have 12 contestants for Glitz).   Come join the FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Questions please call.